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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Since 2006, Tontek Circuits Engineering Division was established, the organization is completed and perfect. Except pay attention to personnel training and value of the implementation of personnel training work, so that all staff can have multiple professional skills. Aspects of the software or hardware can timely update to be able to provide the best products to the customer in the shortest time.

 Impedance stacking structure design

Our technology-oriented engineers, able to provide advice of the impedance value of the line width and line distance form stacking structure design according to Customer's requirements before the wiring LAY OUT of Customers.


 HDI PCB stacking structure design

Providing Customers conform HDI board Gerber file design, making circuit design and PCB process capability meet each other at the most affordable cost to do the volume production.


6366311246064104151084131.jpg                       6366311246431310524195915.jpg

                                                                 Any Layer stackup design                             Traditional design of 2 step blind hole

 Impedance measurement before delivery

Using advanced equipment make impedance measurements to ensure that all the impedance required are within customer request




                                                        Agilent 54750A+54754A             Tektronix 11801C+SD24                  Polar CITS500

 Gerber Files Design

Advised Customers the layout design, so that the PCB can meet manufacturing process capacity requirements in order to achieve high quality and high yield demands.



                                                           Design for Impedance control                                        Design for HDI & VIP

 Special materials

Provides the stable lamination stacking structure of ROGERS 4000, ROGERS 3000 series, Neclo series, F4B series…….